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How I Spend My Time





My Story

There are two clear aspects to my work – the commercial filmmaking for my corporate clients, and the documentary filmmaking. I love this. I love telling stories with a softer edge for my corporate clients and I love bringing my slick image making skills to my documentary clients.

A career in filmmaking has been a lifelong journey for me. It brings together the various strands of my skills into one discipline that allows me to tell stories. Stories that speak of creativity in business and stories that speak of change, in my documentaries.

More and more I’m being asked to create the whole filmmaking journey for my clients – from planning and scriptwriting, through to the end point of audio mixing and encoding for delivery. The majority of my clients rely on me to create for them, understanding their product or service very quickly, or hearing their life stories and aims for the future.

Tooting my own horn doesn’t come easily for me, but if I can’t do it on my own web site, then when can I? People recommend me to other clients, because I’m ‘multi-talented’. They say. And I think that’s a strength.

I can help you if you’re bemused by the filmmaking process, or if you’re experienced, then I can catch up quickly to where you’re at. If you’re interested in me creating a film for you, then please get in touch. There’s no obligation and I’ll be happy to listen to your idea and turn it into something gorgeous.